On Wednesday, December 5, 25 fourth and fifth grade students from Miles Jones loaded a bus and headed to Capital One’s West Creek campus.  The students were invited for a holiday celebration rewarding hard work and good behavior.  Greeted by Capital One associates, the students were welcomed to the Town Center and paired up with an associate.


Students and their Cap One buddies paired up for a financial literacy workshop on budget planning

Beginning with a financial literacy workshop, students worked with their Cap One buddies to learn how to create a monthly budget.  Tying in math skills, the students learned to take a monthly salary and create a plan for paying bills, food costs and set aside money to give to charity.  They moved on to an improvised game room where students tested  their skill at putt-putt , beanbag toss, hula hooping and more.  Capital One also invited the students and accompanying teachers to have lunch in the Town Center cafeteria.

At the end of their morning visit, the students and staff gathered on stage with Wendy Rainville, Senior Process Manager at Capital One.  Each student introduced themselves and then shared their favorite part of the day.  If the goodies and activities weren’t enough, Wendy announced that Capital One had a supply-packed tote bag for each Miles Jones teacher.  Then pretending to wrap up the event, another Capital One associate handed Wendy a note on stage.  “We have one last gift for the students” she announced through the microphone.  The doors to the banquet room opened and a line of associates came in, each rolling a brand new bicycle and helmet for all twenty five students.  The smiles on the students’ faces lit up the room.  For students who often go without basic school supplies this was a big deal.


In the game room students and buddies played putt-putt among other fun activities

Capital One’s spirit of giving did not begin this school year or last year.  They have arranged this holiday party and bike give-away for students for the last six years.  Their partnership with the school is one of many contributions that Capital One makes to area schools.  They recognize students who demonstrate a desire to learn and a commitment to caring for others.  This year the students selected were invited based on achievement on Standards Of Learning exams and for displaying outstanding citizenship, kindness and caring for fellow classmates.   The experience is a meaningful event for the selected students.  Not only are they generously rewarded, but the visit to Capital One and time spent with associates offers a wider scope in their own personal vision. With partners like Capital One, Richmond students are inspired to reach for higher goals.