Kelvin Neal

Kelvin Neal is an incredible 7th grade student at Henderson Middle School. Kelvin first came to his CIS Site Coordinator, Ms. Perez, looking for a mentor. During the last school year he had faced many challenges – being diagnosed with diabetes, transitioning to a new school, lack of a strong male mentor and homelessness. Despite all of this, Kelvin is a resilient kid. Since gaining a mentor and joining Higher Achievement and NextUp RVA’s after school program, Kelvin has made great strides in Math and English — from failing to honor roll. Kelvin’s mom is an active support system for him. She has made sure that, despite all of these changes, he has stability with school and always attends after school programming. Mrs. Neal is in constant contact with Kelvin’s CIS Site Coordinator. Whenever she has a question or concern, she reaches out knowing that CIS is in her corner.

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