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Surrounding Students With a Community of Support

As we look to schools as centers of community life for our children, we can also turn with confidence to initiatives coordinated by Communities In Schools of Richmond. We’ve been facilitating community partnerships in Richmond for more than 16 years.

Here are the most important areas to get involved:

Become a Volunteer

Your personal commitment to a child can help them prepare for a brighter future.


You can be the difference in the life of a child and a school community.

This is how CIS of Richmond works for many of these students: 

  • If you come to school hungry, CIS will find a breakfast program for you and get your family connected to
    the Food Bank or local pantry program – you may be enrolled in the backpack program and receive staples for you and your family each weekend
  • If your parent is incarcerated, CIS will get you in grief counseling
  • If you have never had a positive role model, CIS will find you one
  • If you are referred to CIS because you are having problems seeing the blackboard, CIS will arrange for free eye screening and free glasses
  • If CIS knows you are going home to an empty house and dangerous neighborhood, you will be offered access to an after-school opportunity…or homework help…or SAT prep
  • If you are having behavior problems or issues with self-regulation or impulse control CIS will coordinate in-school and at-home treatment for you
  • If you don’t come to school, CIS may go to your house and find out why

AND we set goals for our students – around academics, attendance and improved behaviors and track them so we know if these interventions are working.  During the 2016 School Year, 18,238 students were connected to resources and 2,882 students received intensive case-managed services.

How You Can Help


We have an extensive offering of volunteer opportunities to fit you.

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You can be the difference in the life of a child.

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